In Camera Sessions

Adopted December 10, 2016
1. Any Board member may move that a portion of a meeting be held in camera. If
there is no objection, the Chair shall declare the ensuing portion of the meeting
to be held in camera until further motion to exit. If there is an objection from any
member on the motion to go in camera, there shall be a formal motion and vote
with no debate.
2. The following rules shall apply to the in-camera portion of any meeting, subject
to a contrary motion of the Board:
(i) Only Board members, including by electronic attendance, may be present.
(ii) The Corporate Secretary shall keep separate minutes recording only
motions which are carried and other formal business.
(iii) Those minutes shall be part of the public record of the Board unless the
Board decides they shall be kept confidential to the Board. The minutes
shall state if there was no formal business conducted during the in-camera
(iv) Other relevant provisions respecting Board procedures and minutes shall be
Rationale: To maintain confidentiality with respect to sensitive issues. To allow Directors the
comfort to speak candidly on sensitive issues.