Water Situation - Letters - Feb. 23, 2011

Water Situation - Letters - Feb. 23, 2011

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Saturna Island Property Owners Association wrote:

Dear Gary:

As we discussed on the phone last month, I am forwarding you the comments SIPOA has received from those members who responded to the questions we posed below. It is in excel format, is tabulated and includes any additional comments if provided. I believe you indicated that you needed this input by February 10th in order to attach them to the Meeting Agenda.

We are really pleased by the number of responses and hope you will be as well. For your information, our membership is now approximately 205 so 78 responses is pretty significant by any standard. I should also add that the additional comments are thoughtful and measured.

If you have any questions on the information we provided please contact Ellen Bourassa or Ron Hall (emails are above). They will be at the meeting and are prepared speak to this submission.

I know I speak on behalf of our members when I say we appreciate your support regarding SIPOA's input to the planning process.

Susie Washington Smyth
Board Member

-------------------- This is the email sent to members regarding our active involvement in the Islands Trust's planning with water issues-------------

....The Islands Trust is holding an open public meeting February 23, 2011 to determine a process to deal with water issues on Saturna. This will be part of their regular meeting.

The Board recognizes that SIPOA members are likely to have differing views on any given issue. To try to represent the membership of SIPOA regarding the substance of what ought to happen with the water situation would not be a useful role and could create more divisiveness. We are NOT offering to take a position on the substance of what will be discussed, but would hope to provide clarity and information in our communication, rather than opinion.

So, what the SIPOA Board is asking its members is this: If it seems appropriate, would it be useful to have representatives from the Board represent the membership as part of any planning or advisory group that may emerge from this meeting, if that is the course that this process takes? And, if so, do members agree that defining the problem is a good place to reopen discussion?

Why are we suggesting this?

1. There are a number of property owners at East Point who are not able to participate in meetings which affect them. SIPOA has a means of communication for those members and if there are representatives involved in this process, we could provide factual information as to how things were unfolding.

2. The Board believes that a place to start is to ensure that everyone is clear on exactly what problem(s) is/are to be resolved? For example, if this is strictly about a reliable and safe water supply for residents of East Point, that may determine not only the focus and goals of the process, but who should be involved. If, on the other hand, there are wider implications or possible outcomes that affect the larger island, that of course necessitates a different problem definition with different players.

As individuals, we can all assist in bringing clarity to the planning meeting in February. And if SIPOA can be helpful in this regard, the Board is open to being part of the process but we need to hear your views first. We look forward to our continuing discussion.

Ron Monk